Meeting Mechanics

Meetings are a fact of life. Meetings can be very beneficial if they allow those attending to be productive and accomplish something. However, it’s also easy to tie up your day in meetings. Here are 5 ways to make sure that your meetings are valuable and save time for all involved:

  1. Have a goal/agenda. A meeting without a plan will end up being a socializing event or waste of time. Make sure everyone knows the purpose of the meeting so everyone sticks with the topic.
  2. Schedule your meetings or appointments back to back. If you leave gaps between your meetings, often you won’t have enough time to really get started cranking on your tasks before it’s time for your next meeting. Leave a fifteen minute break between meetings only if you need to fill out documentation afterwards. Otherwise, schedule tightly so you won’t have dead spots in your schedule.
  3. Only involve the necessary people. The only people to attend the meeting should be those who need to weigh in on the decision or be involved in acting upon what is discussed. With other people, you’ll end up wasting someone else’s time or have to sift through unwanted opinions.
  4. Meet right before lunch. Everyone gets hungry. They’ll be more apt to finish up!
  5. Have meetings standing up. People get tired standing up. When you meet standing up, you’ll be guaranteed that the meeting will be a lot shorter!

©2006 Angela Yee

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