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Learning With Stuffed Animals: Ancient History

Laughter is a powerful teaching tool. Use children’s natural tendency to laugh to help them learn history! This book is a hilarious romp through (mostly) true history.

Elementary-aged children will enjoy these engaging and interesting historical lessons! Using stuffed animals to present famous people and events from ancient history, teachers and parents will engage their young audience with these humorous plays.

“…We had so much fun!!!! The play was easy. I just skimmed through it once and jumped on in. We did the play about Moses—a little teddy bear—and the Pharaoh—a big teddy bear—and the boys laughed until they fell off their chairs. Who knew Moses was funny?… I believe these plays are perfect for elementary-aged children….”
Carie Shinn, TEACH Magazine, Spring 2006

“…The plays are a big success! [My son] loves them and has been acting them out, reading them, and writing his own, which he has delivered to the local library (rather to their bemusement)! He is quite inspired!”
Penny from Massachusetts


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