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My current organization task-tracking system is the free web app called Trello. Being a visual person, I like this system because you can attach pictures and make pretty cards!


I recently transferred my weaving project list to Trello. I like to keep pictures of future weaving projects I would like to do and so far Trello has been the best way to do this. I previously used a mind-mapping program but all the images caused my file to bloat to 299 MB upon which the program choked and corrupted my entire file and I lost all of my records. Fortunately I had an old back-up copy but it is a bit sad that I have lost lots of projects that were on the more recent version.

Now I am using Trello because I can attach an image. The projects can be organized in columns under lists, as illustrated in the image above. Now I have a visual list of all the projects I would like to do!

I can also attach multiple images per task or project, and add comments too.



Trello also allows assigning of color labels and assigning of people to tasks, as well as other features.



I like it because I can also email tasks, keeping my email inbox low. I can add links, archive tasks, delete, add, drag to reorder or prioritize, and also assign due dates. I can use my iPhone or iPad to enter or manage tasks. The only thing I don’t like it is it hard to do recurring tasks; it is kind of a clunky process.

However, it is nice to know that everything is online so I no longer have to worry about my file get corrupted and losing all my records! More and more I am liking keeping things on the cloud so that I can access them from anywhere, from any device.

Trello also has a paid version, called Trello Gold, which allows you do things like customize the background and attach larger files.

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