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Cool Tools and Web Resources

Action Method Paper and computer tools for project management
CableDrops Keep computer cables organized without falling on the floor.
Evernote Web, computer, and phone applications for information storage. Easy way to fill out PDF forms and send electronic signatures.
The Hit List Powerful and easy to-do task management program. (Mac only)
Weekly Task/Menu Free downloadable forms to help you plan your week.
Sticky-Note Web Tool Post sticky notes online and arrange to your liking.
Free Moleskine Templates Templates for your Moleskine notebook.
Meals for Loved Ones Free website that helps you care for loved ones.
Moleskine Alternative Another source for Moleskine-type notebooks.

Ideas and Tips

Bills organizing A system for organizing your bills
Desk organizing Simple and cheap system
Notetaking A lazy way to take notes
Location Put things where you use them
Menu planning Plan for meals way in advance to reduce stress.
Sewing A cheap way to organize spools of thread using boxes.
Task system Use sticky notes to organize your time
10-minute menu planning Add a little random fun in your menu planning
Mini-notebook brain How a small notebook can serve as a second brain

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